BWT Fairland Inverter Plus 17,5 kW 1-fas

48 960 kr 41 616 kr

Fairland varmepumpe med COP opp til 16!, med silence mode, inverter-Plus og kun 40% av støyen til en tradisjonell on/off varmepumpe.



Reversible heat pumps
All Fairland Inverter Plus heat pump are reversible as standard.
A Fairland Inverter Plus heat pump can be used to heat or cool pool water.
This feature is particularly appreciated in very hot regions where it can be used to hold swimming pool water at a comfortable temperature or even to lower or maintain the water temperature in aquaculture tanks used to rear and store fish.

Start-up overcurrents
Fairland heat pumps feature acceleration ramps that exploit frequency variation technology to avoid overcurrents on start-up along with their inherent negative impact on electrical and electronic devices in the home.

Completely automated
Fairland Inverter Plus heat pumps are designed to be
easy to install and simple to maintain.

Systematic quality control
To guarantee complete reliability, all Fairland Inverter Plus heat pumps are tested before being shipped.